Fan Comments

“If anyone can keep this music going after I’m gone, it’s Judy Carmichael.”
Count Basie

“I call Judy Carmichael ‘Miss Strideville’.”
– George Shearing

“Judy Carmichael is an effervescent, dynamic, performer who possesses great charm and a fine command of the piano.”
– Marian McPartland

“Judy Carmichael is my favorite pianist!”
– Max Morath

“I must admit that I like stride by anyone who dares to straddle it, let-alone harness it. Well, stride has never been better paired than with Judy Carmichael. At first it’s joyously shocking to hear such chops at work but that observation is soon overwhelmed by the rich heart and soul and high spirit of her music. It’s quite a ride.”
– Allen Toussaint

“Fats Waller and James P. Johnson were the masters of it, but Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Art Tatum weren’t bad either. Nowadays the youthful Jason Moran can do it for a few moments, but Judy Carmichael, bless her, does it all night.

We’re talking about stride piano, a two-fisted school of solo jazz fast vanishing from the educational syllabus, basically for want of qualified teachers. The times are certainly a-changin’ when the bull-necked, iron-wristed heroes of this art must give way to the slim, bubbly blonde who holds today’s unofficial championship belt, but there it is.”
– Jack Massarik

“Judy Carmichael is sweet and swinging…a marvel!”
– Steve Ross

“Judy Carmichael’s music accomplishes what all great art should – feelings of joy, delight, hope and the knowledge that what you are experiencing is very real and honest. Anyone who wants some real theatre should to to one of her concerts – lost of fun.”
– F. Murray Abraham

“Judy Carmichael’s witty, ebullient pianism recalls us to the joy of spirit of classical jazz. More power to her!”
– E.L. Doctorow

“How can this slender and elegant woman play with the strength of a truck driver and the energy of a Tom cat – some mysteries are meant not to be revealed.”
– Milton Glaser

“Many of the things one could say about Fats Waller’s music could be applied equally to Judy Carmichael: Playful, Stylish, Mischievous, Virtuosic and with – as Fats said himself – ‘A butterfly right hand and paintbrush left’ (and seriously saucy ankles activating those pedal extremities!). How lucky we are that Judy is around to keep the magic of Fats so gloriously alive and tickling.”
– Tony Walton

“Judy Carmichael is a joy to present. Her warm personality and commitment to her art translate into uplifting and memorable performances. Judy glows when she is on-stage. Her tremendous technical ability allows her to present her music in an intimate, relaxed way that breaks down the barrier between performer and audience. She is truly a natural performer.”
– Ruth Felt, San Francisco Performances

“Judy Carmichael is a great entertainer, her playing masterly, and her linking material show her to be a raconteur in the Ustinov mold.”
– Jonathan James Moore, Former head of BBC Radio Entertainment

“Judy Carmichael’s talent is great. She dazzled our audiences with her smooth and accomplished performances. Judy’s extroverted personality, poise, knowledge of jazz and fine honed communication skills, make her an excellent representative of the United States and of jazz piano.”
– United States Information Agency sponsored tour of Portugal 1991. St. Luiz Municipal Theater, Lisbon

“My goodness, you can sing and scat at the highest level! Like learning Leonard Bernstein had a night gig with The Hot Five.”
– Barry N. Malzberg, fan comment

“Judy Carmichael is easily the finest stride pianist, and possible the finest jazz pianist, of our time. Her smooth and seemingly effortless performances bring 20s style jazz music, stride, and an overall sense of swing both to audiences who loved these songs in their youth AND to younger audiences who may never have appreciated this kind of music before. My favorite song was “Gladyse”, but I find myself humming every track on this CD from time to time. This is a MUST HAVE CD for anyone who loves piano music, jazz or for anyone you might want to introduce to fine jazz. This is music you can dance to!”
– James – fan review on

“I’m sitting here listening to you “….And Basie called her STRIDE”, marveling at your superb ability and talent. I have been a piano affectionato forever and have a very large collection of pianists, yet I hadn’t heard about you until I became exposed to CDBaby and bought several of your CDs. Words really can’t describe the sheer joy you and your music provide.”
– L. Larkin, fan comment

“Judy’s music is infused with a special kind of magic – a magic that ignites the imagination and frees the spirit. Her unbridled passion for jazz mixed with her wit and tremendous virtuosity make a Carmichael concert a truly transcendent experience. Her music is fun. It’s relaxing. It’s boundlessly joyful. I just can’t go a day without listening to Judy.”
– Jim, fan comment

“I thought I wasn’t a fan of jazz music, but that was before I listened to Judy. Her exciting, jubilant style really opened my eyes (and ears) to a whole new type of music. She is amazing!”
– John, fan comment

“I love your new Southern Swing CD. It’s so refreshing to hear a genuine live recording with everyone laughing and carrying-on. And your stories are hilarious! It’s in heavy rotation on our jazz programs right now and will be charted (probably number 1) in our jazz chart this week (WVRU)”
– Jon Benfield, Program Manager, Radford University

“I was fortunate to have seen your fingers work their magic at Boisdale in London on Saturday. It was a fantastic performance!! I’ve never seen anyone hit notes on the piano with the perfection, speed, accuracy and unbelievable vibrant energy as you had. It was a really inspiring experience. Love your energy in your music and playing and personality.”
– Ashok, fan comment

“I am the the litlle shy girl that talked to you yesterday, after your great great show at Memorial JK, Brasília. I was with my little daughter, do you remember? So, that night was so important to me, as a way that you cannot imagine (sorry, my English is terrible, but I want a lot to talk to you, honestly.) I see you like a real artist , a person who touch my heart as someone that has courage…to be an artist!

And now I have a little piece of your courage to play piano more and more, to the rest of my life. Because that is my passion, my work and the history of my life, but with several accidents and madness in the middle…

I would like so much to meet you and change some impressions with you, because I feel a great energy that make me float since I hear your music.
Thank you Judy, you are wonderful ! Você é maravilhosa! with a big hug!”
– Diana, fan comment

Just dropping a line to sing the praises of (recently purchased) Come and Get It. How good is this CD? And how come I hadn’t heard of Judy Carmichael before this? A Sydney (Australia) resident, I recently heard ABC Classic FM presenter Margaret Throsby interview Judy and had a small taste of, immediately fell in love with, and had to buy the CD. I will now be looking to purchase more of Judy’s music and will be watching for the dates of her future visits and concerts in Australia.
– Lynne, fan comment

Dear Ms Carmichael or Judy if I may dare,

I should hate you : I live in France, has been a fan of you for over 20 years but I’ve never seen you appearing in a Parisian Club. Why ? Don’t French people love beautiful women ?

But your music is so great that one can only forgive you everything.

I’d like to order quite a few cd’s from you but as I’ve already but some (and may be even LP’s), I’d like to be able to send you the cover / booklets so that you can sign them for me. Would that be possible and if so how ?

Thanx again for your wonderful music. Would people listen to it, Prozac would no longer sell.

Kindest Regards,
– Philippe from Etiolles

Hi Ms. Carmichael,
You said that you would remember “Daniel from Chicago”! I’m an 11 year old ragtime fan who started playing ragtime about 4 years ago after learning a simple version of Maple Leaf Rag in my piano lesson
book. I was lucky to meet you at your free concert on Feb. 13th at the Nicholas Concert Hall sponsored by Steinway in Evanston (near Chicago), IL. I really enjoyed the concert. The first song you played was my favorite, and one that I had not heard before, “I Found a New Baby”. I couldn’t wait to get home and start picking the tune out. I love your music, and have been listening to your “High on Fats QRS Pianomation” disk, and most recently your “Stride” cd. I’m a fan of Fats Waller, and have just finished learning “Handful of Keys”, which I will play at an upcoming ragtime and stride competition. My jazz piano teacher discovered that she had your “You Can Play Authentic Stride Piano” book and loaned it to me. I wish your “I Found a New Baby” was in it, but I really like “Ain’t Misbehavin’” and “Christoper Columbus” too.

I hope you come back to the Chicago area for another concert. I really like your style of music and how you combine stride, ragtime, jazz into one.

Your Fan,
– Daniel Bersch (11 year old ragtime pianist!!)

P.S.: I think you should brush up on your Maple Leaf Rag, just in case someone asks you to play “your favorite” again.

Hello Judy,
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful adventures with me.
Ever since I met you at the Steinway in Hinsdale IL, I am still mesmerized with your stride, your joy of life, your warm personality and your positive being to others, changed my venue from a classical music player to a jazz…keep listening your wonderful CD’s that I purchased that day and also learning your style from the book you sent me.
God Bless you, and keep in touch.
I look forward to getting more news from you.
Have a great week.
– Esra Sabah

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the short videos of your conversations with Tony Bennett. I am gradually working my way through your entire catalog of programs via iPod, and it is comforting to know that it will take me years before I have heard them all. I take them in order so that I don’t miss any by accident. The only problem with this is that I see current programs like your conversations with Tony Bennett, and I want to listen to those sooner than I will get to them. [Wealth is such a burden!] So even though it may take me a few years to get to your complete interviews with Tony Bennett, I can certainly take the time to watch the videos, and this is a wonderful additional dimension – allowing us to see you and the artist conversing. Thank you so much.
– Tom

Hi Judy,
I just wanted to say thanks for coming to Iowa City, Friday. You inspired me to work extra hard on jazz music (fyi: I’m a drummer). I was wondering what/who should I listen to and what type of jazz do people tend to listen to (smooth,up tempo, etc.). Can’t wait for a reply.
– Kyle

Hello there! It is I, Audie Robbins from WVRU! I just wanted to contact you and tell you something you probably have already been told. You are a very inspirational person. Your presence alone seems to put out some glowing aura that I cannot describe.

To keep from sounding corny, I just want to say THANKS. Thank you for returning to RU. It provided me with the ability to not only meet you, but conduct our interview. It will be a good resume builder. I really took what you said about good and bad people to heart. And by the way, of both of my shows on WVRU I have been playing at least one of your songs and mentioning your Jazz Inspired Show for the listeners to tune in on the weekends.

You were great to talk to as a musician, and as i would like to say… friend. I look forward to meeting you in the future, possibly even as a part of my own professional career.

Wishing you happiness and strength,
– Audie Robbins (Austin Robbins)

Good Morning Judy,
I am Alice from Bologna.
I graduate on July the 20th!!! Attached here is the title of my Master Thesis.
I send you the title because I want to thank you and your jazz music. During these years your sound has accompanied me in this university course.

I am finishing to study Astrophysics and Cosmology. During the thesis period I worked on a survey (technical word that means that a telescope has observed a certain area in the sky) in the equatorial position called “Effelsberg Deep Field”. On the map of this area, about 40 sources were detected; these sources are extragalactic sources, that is galaxies far away from our Milky Way. I analyzed these sources. Being an astronomer is very fascinating but at the same time very complex; sometime one would like to throw away everything but in the end this work gives real gratifications.

So very very Thank You!
My thesis is also dedicated to you and your wonderful stride style!!!

See you in Legnano!
I look forward to hear you live!!
– Alice, fan comment

7 Responses to “Fan Comments”

  1. norman 3 April 2013 at 4:48 pm #

    listen to your podcasts and love them but there hasn’t been an episode since march 2nd, was wondering if you are going to have anymore. I hope you do

    • md 22 May 2013 at 11:51 am #

      Hi Norman,
      Judy’s webmaster here. I will look into this – the podcasts should be auto-posted. You can also listen at Apologies for the inconvenience! Thanks, Meaghen

  2. Cesar Braga 28 August 2013 at 11:42 am #

    Hey, Judy! Thank you so much for coming to Brazil and for generously pouring fine Jazz over our fields and squares. You really did that this year (2013) as you played at the park in Brasília, in midst of Palm trees and awesome sunset. My pals and I were so fortunate to sit on the front row (the other 9,995 viewers were behind us) and we could take a close shot of the action. You are a great artist, not only the best pianist, with lush voice singing beautiful swinging ballads. Nevertheless, you are a real human being, so humble and sweet, always available to all. Thank God, Jazz is alive and well here and young people also enjoy jazz a lot, especially when it’s made with such finery and firm command. Chris Flory was amazing, as well as Tom and John. We can’t wait for the next show here. Please come soon!

    • judycarmichael 28 August 2013 at 1:33 pm #


      Thanks so much for these beautiful comments and your generous heart and sensitivity. You epitomize the reason I’ve loved Brazil since my first visit over 20 years ago. Every time I perform there I have warm, enthusiastic audiences who love music and understand the importance of having it in our lives. Eu amo o Brazil!

      Thank YOU! I’m already looking forward to my next visit.


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