Educational Programs

Everything we do celebrates the joy of listening and all that implies, whether enhancing music appreciation or using jazz improvisation to illustrate better listening and conversation skills in everyday life. Our programs are about inspiration and discovery.

What schools are saying about Judy Carmichael’s educational programs:

Judy Carmichael is not only a versatile, exhilarating mainstream jazz pianist – she is also a student (and archivist) of pre-bop keyboard music. Carmichael certainly is among the finest interpreters of Harlem’s World War I era two-handed, vamping, striding piano style. But, it is her expanding interest in other mainstream jazz piano styles that has made her a major figure in keyboard jazz performance. – The San Francisco Examiner

Judy Carmichael’s talent is great. She dazzled our audiences with her smooth and accomplished performances. Judy’s extroverted personality, poise, knowledge of jazz and fine honed communication skills, make her an excellent representative of the United States and of jazz piano. – United States Information Agency sponsored tour of Portugal 1991, St. Luiz Municipal Theater, Lisbon


Educational programs on the History/Culture of Jazz can be presented to large or small groups of students in the form of masterclasses, lectures and workshops.


Judy Carmichael performs a variety of pieces on the piano and shares illustrative anecdotes about celebrated musicians and their lives, simultaneously introducing live jazz piano and the rich historic context from which it has evolved. This allows a greater understanding of this unique art form and how it inspired the popular music we listen to today. These programs can be presented with or without historic film of jazz greats Judy has collected over the years and can be tailored for elementary school children through college age students, as well as performed for civic groups or in concert for all ages. Tuned piano in good working order is required. Residency programs available as well.



Jazz: Listening for Life

This program is funded by our not-for-profit Jazz Inspired, Inc. and contributes funds when schools cannot provide the full fee for our program. Judy teams with award-winning, celebrated musicians to illustrate jazz improvisation and a deeper understanding of the roll each instrument takes in an ensemble. Each musicians speaks to the unique qualities of their instrument and how it contributes to a jazz group. Learn more about Jazz: Listening for Life.


About Judy Carmichael

Considered one of the world’s leading interpreters of stride, swing and boogie, jazz pianist Judy Carmichael has brought her experience and knowledge to students of all ages throughout the world. She has toured frequently for the U.S. State Department evangelizing on American’s music, jazz, throughout Brazil, China, Portugal, India, Singapore and Morocco.

In 1990 the National Endowment for the Arts rewarded Judy Carmichael’s knowledge of jazz piano with a major grant to present early jazz greats on film and to discuss the history and development of jazz piano with students across the country. Ms. Carmichael continues to present this program (juxtaposed with her own piano playing) to students of all ages with films of Fats Waller, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, and others.

At high schools and universities, Judy presents master classes, public performances, and lectures. Possible lecture topics include jazz piano, radio production, jazz history, and music appreciation.